Sideline Expectations

Without the commitment of our coaches, our children would be left without the knowledge and caring of some of our community’s most dedicated soccer enthusiasts.

Thanks to all who take a little time to make UVYSL a lot better.

ddddfAside from the skills and rules of the game, your responsibilities include:

  • Your Players – The community has entrusted its children to you. Be instructive, moral and fun. If you think demonstrative yelling is a good coaching tactic, we want your position back.“When athletes come first in an atmosphere created by competent and caring leadership, coaches never lose the most important contest of all: the challenge of providing a sport experience that contributes to the personal and athletic development of the youngsters who have been entrusted to them.”  From Coaches Who Never Lose by Dr. Frank Smoll.
  • Your Referees – Ukiah Valley Youth Soccer League continues its rapid growth, but on a collision course with a decline in referees. We must reverse this trend by creating a welcome atmosphere; otherwise, the number of games without referees will increase.“What is required is a collective effort by all of us. We must learn how to behave towards referees. We must accept that they are human and that they will make mistakes. If they aren’t cut out to be referees, abusing them is not the way to go.”  From Ref Rage! by World Cup player Tony Waiters.
  • Your Cheering Section – With a club as large as UVYSL, the coach is the most effective means in making sure parents understand and abide by its rules. You have the opportunity to discuss the UVYSL Sideline Guidelines at a parents’ meeting to start the year. Ukiah Valley Youth Soccer coaches must deal with negative sideline issues, whether within themselves or spectators (including players.) Your involvement includes the development of self-esteem and concentration – it’s simply too important to ignore. Find your own personal way to instruct your cheering section. If you’d like to discuss a problem situation, please call the hotline at 707-467-9797.“A good friend of mine who coaches at the high school and community level, Dan Steelquist, has a clever way of quieting the vociferous parent: he gives them a lollipop to suck on. A bit of humour can often diffuse confrontational situations.”  From Ref Rage! by World Cup player Tony Waiters