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DSC00317It is a league rule that all players must use the uniforms sold by UVYSL. The uniforms are the same for all players, but are reversible to distinguish colors of teams. We have chosen these to keep the cost down, so that you may use the same uniform for more than one year. The cost of a new uniform is $25 for a complete uniform including a reversible jersey, shorts, and two pairs of socks. Individually the pieces are $14 for a jersey, $9 for shorts, and $4 per pair of socks (two different colors are required).

Uniforms are available at all registration dates and at the picture location on Opening Day. Please see the registration button for dates. These are the only times when uniforms are available.  Uniforms may not be exchanged and no returns are allowed.

UVYSL promotes several camps in the Ukiah area. These camps take place during the summer.  If you are interested in hosting a camp, contact us.

Ryan Rones Dickey Memorial Soccer Foundation  |  (858)243-2898
This non-profit corporation has been established to sponsor youth who are passionately dedicated to the game of soccer to attend camps and/or clinics or to play in another country, in order to give them skills to play at the highest level that they are capable of attaining. This organization is dedicated to providing scholarships for youth wishing to attend soccer camps.