Board of Directors Responsibilities


Board of Director Responsibilities


Executive Director:
● Monitor Hotline and answering messages
● Monitoring League email and answering messages
● Request Certificates of Insurance on behalf of League use
● Maintain certificates and agreements entered into on behalf of league
● Send out reminder of scheduled board meetings
● Assisting other board positions
● Arranging and sign for rentals for meeting sites upon request of directors
● Pick up mail from post office box and disperse
● Prepare and submit League Affiliation Agreement (January)
● Maintain yearly calendar

President (League Official):
● Leadership of the League
● Lead monthly board meetings
● Prepare agenda for monthly board meetings

Vice President:
● Fills in for President

● Keeps minutes of board meetings and maintains the meeting minutes of the

● Filing tax returns
● Maintaining financial records of League

Registrar (League Official):
● Direct contact to District registrar
● Registers all players in all divisions for League
○ Verify registrations and required paperwork
○ Verify coach volunteer paperwork
● Maintains registration records for League
● Collects informations of Volunteers
● Schedules Recreational season games
● Prepares handouts for registration
● Contacts volunteers for registration

Fields Coordinator:
● Secure field use for Recreational season practice and games
● Layout fields for Recreational season and stripe
● Maintain striping of fields during recreational season
● Maintain nets and flags on fields
● Arrange for Porta Potties for the season

Uniforms & Equipment:
● Inventory and purchase uniforms and equipment when needed
● Purchase paint for striping fields
● Maintain inventory of stripers

Coaching Coordinator:
● Arrange yearly training for licensing of coaches
● Lead coaches’ meeting for Recreational season
● Lead contact with coaches during Recreational season
● Responsible for signing up coaches for Recreational League

Referee Coordinator:
● Arrange yearly training sessions for all grades
● Attend referee training sessions
● Arrange pre-season referee meeting to schedule referees for Recreational and
Puma games
● Assist referees during season and help to answer questions and comments
● Collect referee cards and verify payments and submit to Treasurer

Sponsorship Coordinator:
● Collect sponsorship information from teams for Recreational League
● Assist teams in finding sponsors
● Secure location for Opening Season pictures and arrange with photographer;
provide list of teams/coaches/sponsors to photographer.
● Lead Recreational Season team parent meeting

Select Coordinator:
● Responsible for signing up coaches for competitive teams
● Arranging for tryouts for players
● Arrange game schedule with District for season

Advertising and Publicity:
● Advertise for special meetings
● Advertise for registrations and tryouts
● Maintain League website and Facebook page